Day 3: Edited Out Housemates lose power to nominate this week

Only 9 Housemates will be nominating this week.

During tonight’s Bit on the Side, it was revealed that the Housemates were put to work during a celebrity Housemate workshop, acting as their fellow Housemates. After their performance, the all star producers were asked to edit out another two Housemates from the show.

The all stars decided to edit out Bianca and Ray J from the show, meaning that Angie and Jamie are now the “stars of the show”.

The final line up of edited out Housemates is now Stacy, James C, Brandon, Bianca and Ray J. As a result of them being the edited out Housemates, they have lost their power to nominate during the first round of nominations. The first round of nominations will take place on Sunday.

This means that only the all star Housemates along with Angie and Jamie will be ones to nominate this week. Two new Housemates are set to enter the house tomorrow night, live.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 9pm on Channel 5.

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