Day 3: Gemma and Christopher discuss friendship with Danniella

Christopher’s friendship with Danniella has come up in conversation with Gemma.

During tonight’s highlights show, Gemma asks Christopher why there’s beef between him and Danniella. He explains, “I got a panto and she hasn’t done it for 15 years, we lived together and worked together it was great, she got replaced by Nikki Grahame because the panto production team read the papers that she had a relapse and they didn’t like that and withdrew the contract.

People have been stirring sh*t too. I hope we can sort it out, I do miss her greatly. We got our dogs together! It’s not like I’ve done anything.” Gemma thinks they need to talk about it.

However later on,  the Box housemates are now freed from their private area and enter the main house; they are excited to leave the Box and are greeted by their fellow housemates.Christopher hugs Danniella, “Are you alright? I was worried about you.” She doesn’t reply.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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