Day 3: Katie’s curse comes to an end and speaks her mind

Katie’s curse has come to an end – and she is now free to speak her mind in the House

During tonight’s show, Katie’s curse will come to and end and she will be free to speak her mind. As part of the highlights, Katie talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room – where her curse of kindness is lifted and she can speak her mind. She is asked her real opinions of the other Housemates. She describes them as self-obsessed, delusional fools. Big Brother further asks her who she deems as the least attractive in the house. She says:

Patsy – She calls her a manic, nervous goon.
Perez – She says he needs to work on toning his body up and toning his voice down.
Ken – She says he has developed a portly stature due to his age.

Big Brother tells her that she needs to do a good deed and give one of the above Housemates a foot massage to which she shouts, ‘P*ss off!’ She leaves the Diary Room and proceeds to massage Perez’s feet.

Katie then returns to the Diary Room and is told that the kindness curse is lifted and she can now be herself in the house. She is asked how her behaviour will change and she answers, ‘If I want to go, I’ll go.’ She is also told that the curse must remain a secret or else there will be terrible consequences.

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