Day 3: TASK: Pauline’s Power Pad

Pauline gets access to The Power Pad, which is a special room only for her and a selected few to enjoy. It also holds the Housemates’ undelivered suitcases…..

For today’s task, Pauline’s power will be exercised once again. Big Brother will soon call Pauline to the Diary Room.

Big Brother will explain that having power comes with responsibility, but also perks. One of those perks is access to the ‘The Power Pad’ – a swish hangout zone with some very cool treats.

Big Brother will give Pauline access to the room, and Pauline will be allowed to choose some of the other Housemates to join her.

The room also contains the Housemates’ suitcases. Anyone who Pauline invites into the room gets to leave with their suitcase.

PART 1 – Power Lunch
Pauline is told that they will be served up a slap up lunch of some of their favourite things. She may choose 3 other Housemates to join her. At the end of the lunch, the Housemates who have joined Pauline will then receive their suitcase.

Pauline decided to invite Mark, Helen and Danielle to dinner with her.

PART 2 – Power Party
In the evening, Big Brother throws a party for Pauline. She may invite four people plus the previous three Housemates to join them. These four new Housemates also get rewarded with their suitcases.

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