Day 3: Tempers flare between James and Farrah

Tempers have flared between Farrah and James…Another argument has broken out in the House, but this time it is between Farrah and James. On tonight’s highlights show, in a conversation about their temperaments, Farrah compares herself to a Pomeranian. Natasha says ‘I was laid back until the Chihuahua tried to bite me.’

Later on, Farrah accuses James of staring at her and calls him a ‘dip-sh*t’. James says this upsets him and Farrah loses her temper. Austin asks her; ‘Why do you have so much beef?’ She storms out of the bedroom and James goes after her to calm her down but they end up arguing again with Farrah once more calling him a ‘dip-sh*t’.

Daniel asks Farrah; ‘Why do you give so much of your power away to that person?’ Jenna tells James that he handled himself very well in his dealings with Farrah.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 10:30pm.

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