Day -3: Vote To Evict returns for Big Brother: Power Trip

Big Brother: Power Trip will have Vote to Evict, says the official website

Big Brother will reinstate the vote to Evict this series, with the confirmation coming on the new official website.

“Unless otherwise directed in the live show, you will be voting to EVICT a Housemate. In the final, you will be voting for the Housemate you want to WIN.” The show previously used Vote to Evict during its time on Channel 4, and then last year for Big Brother: Secrets and Lies.

Also, the new Big Brother App was updated and the Housemate profiles have spaces for a Twitter user to be inserted. Whether this is just their Twitter pages before they went into the House, or a new Twitter so they can tweet about their time in the House is currently unknown.

Big Brother returns on Thursday at 9pm.

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