Day 30: CBB Awards cause argument between Kim and Nicola

Housemates have taken part in the Big Brother Awards – but arguments have set in..

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas for the CBB awards. Housemates are shown clips surrounding each category, which they then vote who they think should win.

The award for best argument goes to Nicola. Kim states; “She could cause a row in an empty house!” Housemates start to argue over the award for the naughtiest housemate. After seeing a previous clip, Bianca is annoyed that Kim called Jamie an adulterer. Kim is called into the diary room to calm down; she says ‘thank you’.

Kim comments in the diary room; “I don’t want trouble! Nicola thrives on it. I’m disgusted with James C; he ought to grow a set of balls. I won’t have it! I didn’t start it but I’ll finish it!”

The award for the biggest diva goes to Kim, she states; “I’m honest and speak my mind!’ In the kitchen, John suggests to Kim to wave a white flag at the housemates, she declines; “I wouldn’t wave the flag if it was the last thing in my life!”
In the bedroom, John suggests to Nicola to wave a white flag, she says no.  In the bedroom, Coleen comments on Kim; “She’s not right, I’ve never met people like that in my life.” Nicola states; “But the public are voting for these people.”

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