Day 30: INTERVIEW: Perez talks CBB exit

Channel 5 have released an exit interview with Perez 

How are you feeling?
I’m feeling very tired but even more thrilled to be out of the house!

Everybody’s talking about the Perez show. Does it feel like a success?
No. It feels like a huge failure to me. Because if I could go back in time I would not have done it.

Why did you put up ‘The Perez Show’ wall?
It was a necessity. I didn’t put the real Perez away. Most housemates didn’t want to take the time to get to know me.

Some took the time like Nadia, Katie Price and Alicia. Will you stay in touch with them?
Absolutely. I have already been in touch with Nadia. She reaffirmed a lot of my suspicions as well!

Will you watch it back?
I will watch everything.

Are there any positives you can take from the experience?
I am thankful for my relationship with Nadia. I’m going to be doing Loose Women with her.

You clashed with Katie Hopkins a lot. Do you think she puts on an act?
I think she gives great television. I would take her at face value if I were you.

You seemed to be baiting people from day one. Was that a deliberate tactic?
I just wanted to be myself and have fun. I wanted to be honest throughout and that is what I have been. Even now, I am being so honest right now! I can only answer honestly to every question posed to me and I will only answer honestly and I was honest my entire time in the house.

You’ve been labelled the most hated housemate ever. How do you feel about that?
I don’t care. I have no cares about the outside world.

When you came out they played a Lady Gaga song. Did you notice that at the time?
What song did they play? I was just so happy to be out of the house. I didn’t even hear that. I was just in the zone of adrenalin pumping in my brain and thrilled to be out of there and just trying not to trip because I saw slush on the steps so I was like, ‘Don’t fall again, you already tripped in the house!’ That is all I was focused on.

Will you throw yourself back into work to forget about it?
I’m not going to throw myself back into work. It will be all about me and my son for a while.

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