Day 31: Dream Dates With Jade + Poll

This afternoon talk turned to dates for Jade, with Cristian, Marc and Joel.

Mark asked Jade “Can we have a date tomorrow?

To Jade’s total shock she replied “Tomorrow if Big Brother sends me out on a date with you (Mark), I’m going to freak”

Joel then sneakily asked “Jade do you think there is chemistry between you and Mark”.


“I’m a chemist” Marc reminded his housemates.

“Jade would you rather go on a date with me or Marc?” Joel said

Jade concluded that she would go out on a date with Joel on a personality basis, to Marc’s disappointment.


The other housemates in the bedroom got riled up by this response.

Joel then further quizzed Jade, “Would you rather go out on a date with Cristian or Marc?”


“I’d pick Marc because we have the same banter” Jade sharply said. Jade’s response surely riled up her other housemates.

You can catch all of this on Friday’s Live Show at 9pm with Emma Willis

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