Day 31: Preview: Housemates nominate for the fourth eviction

Housemates have nominated ahead of the fourth eviction.

Yesterday, Big Brother gathered the Housemates and announced that they would be nominating for the fourth eviction again in the Diary Room. Take a preview of who nominated who in the latest round.

Lateysha: “Chelsea…I don’t feel like he’s real…he licks everybody’s arse.”

Sam: “Ryan…I feel like he sometimes in a argument he tries to get other people against you”

Jackson: “Charlie…she made a comment towards Jason the other day…it was a lie…it caused a divide and made everybody feel awkward”

Ryan: “Andy…he causes carnage out of absolutely nowhere…I don’t know what his game is”
Jason: “Charlie…I promised myself that I’d never do it but I think for my sanity and for her sanity I’m left with no option”

Andy: “Hughie…a couple of weeks recently where I have felt under siege from him at times…it made me feel like I was under attack”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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