Day 31: Take A Closer Look At The Big Brother House With mysnapp – Rose Cottage

Big Brother has completely renovated the House this year, so we’ve teamed up with mysnapp – the app that lets you shop what you see – to bring you the closest look at the village that you could possibly want to get.

We’re now slowly making our way through the house, after looking at the living area and kitchen, we decided to take a look at all of animals that are hiding away in the house. How amazing is it that Big Brother has hidden so many furry friends around? If you haven’t already read the post, click here to go back! We’re sure you’ll be surprised at what you find in some rooms.

This week, we’re heading into Rose Cottage – the bedroom of luxury, calming colours and even more animals. Yes, this is the first of two bedrooms we’re going to be looking at. Let’s be honest here, which room would you prefer to sleep in? We’d have to say Rose Cottage as the way this bedroom has been decorated is absolutely gorgeous. We love the duvet covers that are on the beds here!

This is one of the more gentle rooms in the house, but if you look close enough, there are plenty of secrets hiding. Did you know that the rose wallpaper that is on the wall was custom made especially for the Big Brother House? It has skulls hiding in the flowers. Creepy?

Speaking of creepy, did you notice these two touches in the room? On the wall there is a heart vase! Another fun fact is that this vase was painted especially for the Big Brother House as well! Big Brother clearly likes his custom pieces. We don’t think you’d notice but there are also eye balls as door knobs on the wardrobe! You’d only really notice if you kept your eye on the room closely! (See what we did there?)

We previously touched on the different animals throughout this room as well in our last blog but we’ll quickly mention the fish. There are blue fish on the walls in here, as well as some orange fish next to the beds.

The mirror is pretty cool too right? Throughout this room, there are things that Big Brother has done to make the housemates feel a bit more comfortable. Nothing says comfy like a pillow. The ones on the bed are some of the cutest ones we’ve seen, especially with the tassels. They go perfectly with the bedding and really adds something to the room! Over by the bay window (Which is amazing) are some really cool looking pouffes. They are awesome because they match the colour scheme of the room!

Elsewhere, there are little things you may not have noticed! On the wall is a metal cow head, how creepy is that? As well as that, had you noticed the golden chicken? Big Brother has installed a very sweet bird lamp however, which we think is awesome. Over by the fireplace are some flamingos, because… why not? It is Big Brother after all!

There’s a lot to look at and notice throughout the room, so what have you noticed? You can shop everything you see in the Big Brother house with mysnapp right now. You can start by visiting the mysnapp website or downloading the apps for iPhone and Android. You can follow mysnapp on Twitter and get involved with the conversation right now.

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