Day 33: Helen and Nikki Row….Again!

They made peace in the early hours of this morning, but it seems Helen and Nikki are locking horns….again.


All Nikki wanted was for Big Brother to turn off the lights, and as we know when Nikki doesn’t get what she wants all hell breaks loose.

“Nikki you better not be some dried up fart” Helen said.

Even Marc has his say “Nikki you look about twelve”

Marc and Helen make the big mistake of going into the washroom to bitch about Nikki and Brian and Nikki listen in to the conversation from behind the door.


Nikki begins to get riled up, Brian tried to calm her down.

“Listen to me I go by face value” she says to Brian.


Nikki then begins to imitate Helen.

“How dare she

“I’m like totally beyond fake, and she’s like the f**king (too rude to say)”

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