Day 33: TASK: Battery Life – Day 1

The Big Brother House has been drained of almost all power. The remaining power is shown on a giant battery. 

In order to win this week’s shopping task, Housemates must ensure that the energy on their battery is not drained by resisting temptation and making various sacrifices to gain back power..

Housemates wake up to the first day of their shopping task and discover that the House is running on its backup generator.

The only remaining power in the House is shown on a giant battery in the Living Area. The battery will start off being 100% charged. Throughout the two days Housemates will enter Big Brother’s App Zone in the Large Task Room where they can trade energy to use a Big Brother App which will include: messages from family, and safety from nomination. Every time Housemates choose to use a Big Brother App then the battery will lose some of its power. Each App will be worth a different amount of power.

In the Living Area will be a generator which is the only way in which Housemates can create energy to refuel the battery. The generator is fuelled by Housemates sacrificing their belongings. Housemates’ most prized possessions must be thrown in the generator as a way of gaining more battery percentage for the House. E.g. the money Mark won on launch night.

Housemates must ensure that the energy from the battery is not completely drained in order to pass this week’s shopping task.

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