Day 34: Housemates Moan About Punishment

It’s clear that our housemates don’t really understand Big Brother’s stern consequences for last nights antics.

It really isn’t the greatest start to the week, but our housemates are not too happy with the stern consequences that Big Brother has given them for tampering with house fixtures.


Jack asked Chloe what is was she sprayed on the one way mirrors

“Just my moisturiser” she replies

Joel who initiated last night’s rebellion doesn’t seem too fazed about the punishment, in fact he seems more amused by it than anything.


Jack clearly annoyed by the situation points out “Joel didn’t even do anything!”

Chloe laughs.

Unfortunately for Big Brother, the housemates are speculating about taking the rebellion even further. We can only hope for our housemates sake this does not happen….as we’ve seen in past series, messing with Big Brother really is not an option.

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