Day 34: Marlon takes eviction immunity, HM’s fail shopping task

The nominated Housemates have been offered immunity from the upcoming eviction

As part of this week’s shopping task, the final “app” that Housemates will have the chance to use is the immunity app.

Christopher, Chris, Marlon, Ashleigh and Jale, will come to Big Brother’s App Zone. Each Housemate must stand behind a plinth with a button. All Housemates will have the chance to win immunity, including Jale.

The Housematess are told that one of them can win safety from the eviction this week, however it will come at a cost of ‘X’ percent. The clock will start counting down from 1 minute.

Any of the HMs can choose to spend the X percentage and win the immunity. Once the one minute countdown started, after 2 seconds, Marlon hit his button. This secured Marlon’s safety from this week’s eviction, however eliminated the remaining 15% of the battery leaving the battery on 0%, meaning that the Housemates have FAILED this week’s shopping task.

This means that Ashleigh, Christopher, Chris and Jale will face eviction. You can watch Marlon win his immunity here:

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