Day 35: Task: In The Hot Seat

Our Timebomb housemates were the face of the task and hand, and believe us it is rather evil. Check out what they had to do…


Today the Timewarp housemates were given the opportunity to get to know the housemates better.

Joel read out instructions from Big Brother “Today is the first full day in the house for housemates Nikki, Helen and Brian so Big Brother is really giving them the opportunity to get to know their new housemates.

The Timewarp housemates including Marc will be forming a panel to hold individual interviews with the remaining housemates in order to establish why they deserve their place in the house.


Housemates will be questioned on their personalities, their time in the house and what they still have to offer as a housemate. To help Timewarp housemates get a full understanding of each housemate before they are interviewed, housemates must complete a Big Brother questionnaire.

Later on the housemates will be grilled by the panel of housemates, but just who will impress them?

Big Brother: Timebomb Continues at 10pm tonight on Channel 5

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