Day 37: Charlotte and Chanelle disagree and Simone owns up to her prank

During tonight’s highlights show, in the bathroom, Chanelle tells Raph; “Nothing is going to get me down today! It’s hard in this house, you just don’t know who is there for you…”

On the sofas, Sue and Simone are talking, Sue says; “This house despises us.” Simone comments; “They tolerate us…”

In the kitchen, Charlotte confronts Chanelle about talking behind her back.
Tom and Kieran hide cans of drink in their bedroom, Raph notices this and confronts Kieran; “I saw you take it! It should be here for everyone.” Kieran admits this and tells Raph to go and get the drink that he hid. Kieran offers his hand for Raph to shake however he declines.

On the sofas, Simone reveals to the house that she was the one who previously hid the bottles in Kieran’s bed. Hannah tells her; “I can’t believe you no more, you’ve broken my trust!” Simone adds; “I’ve told the truth, I’ve had the balls to tell you! Now nothing in this house is a lie.”

In the smoking area, Chanelle apologises to Charlotte and they clear the air Ellie spends the night in Sam’s bed, he comments; “F**k off cameras, I wish they weren’t here.” Ellie replies; “This is hard, I can’t cope…” The pair laugh.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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