Day 37: Ex-Housemates to return as part of latest shopping task

Some Ex-Housemates could return as part of this week’s shopping task.

To earn their bread this week, housemates will be subject to the whims of Big Brother’s Time Warp machine. Installed in the living room, the Time Warp machine controls space and time – but it’s not working properly.

When the Time Warp machine activates, housemates must freeze. They’re not allowed to move their arms, legs, face, or any part of their bodies – they’ve just got to stop whatever they’re doing and freeze in place. Silently.

Because the Time Warp machine is unstable, though, people, events, and objects from other times and places might appear in the House while housemates are frozen. And they’re not allowed to react. If they do move, even to smile or move their heads to get a better look, they might fail the shopping task.


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