Day 38: Jade gets angry following fourth and final nomination

Jade has reacted badly to the news that she is nominated this week.

All the Housemates are having dinner together. Time freezes. Big Brother asks the Time Warp Housemates to discuss the fourth and final nominations. Marc takes a step back telling the others to decide. Helen and Nikki propose Jade. Brian and Marc disagree. Nikki says, “My concern is that Jade has gone from bloke to bloke. I don’t want anyone to hurt you, Brian. I’m feeling a bit defensive.” Brian proposes Sam. Nikki says of Sam, “She never ever bitches about anyone. She takes things on the chin when people criticise her.” They take a vote. Jade is nominated. Jade responds, “I’ve never kissed anyone in this house and I do really like Brian.”

Helen tells her that other housemate have suggested this. Cristian speaks up and names guys. Jade’s surprised and annoyed. Danny responds, “I feel like you’ve gone from guy to guy. To the popular person” Nick defends her saying Brian is the only one that she’s expressed an attraction to that was more than friendship. Cristian says that Jade’s been flirting with him. Jade gets annoyed with Cristian. Cristian responds, “We’re saying there are different intentions on what people do.” Jade leaves the table saying, “Fuck all of youse.”

Jade is angry at Cristian. She says if she stays, “Female version of Marc will come out.” Helen says, “I don’t like the boohoo voice but the fiestyness will take you a long way.”

· Brian and Nikki are talking about Jade. Nikki says, “I watched her spend the entire afternoon flirting with Nick and that’s why you were crying. I know you Brian. She completely ignored you this afternoon and that’s not on.”

· Cristian’s in the Diary Room talking about Jade. “ I just don’t like how arrogant she comes across. You’re not god. You’re not Beyonce. Why are you throwing yourself at him?”

· Brian and Jade are in bed together. Brian says, “If you go on Friday, it’ll be on my conscience.” Jade responds, “People in this house don’t like me.” They pull the covers over their heads and there are kissing noises.

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