Day 39: Emma talks to annihilation evictees Chelsea and Lateysha

Emma Willis spoke to the first two evictees of Annihilation week during tonight’s show.

Earlier this week evictees Chelsea and Lateysha felt the pain of annihilation. They returned tonight to speak to EMMA WILLIS live.

Emma asked Lateysha how it feels to be out: “It’s really overwhelming, but cool to be out! I was gutted.”

Emma asked Chelsea about his time in the house: “I didn’t come in there for the money, or fame. I came for the experience. I had had enough. It’s like a pressure cooker in there.”

Chelsea denied saying he told all of his housemates that they were his favourites. Lateysha disagreed with him.

Emma asked Lateysha how she is feeling about Jason: “I don’t even know what to say. He’s proved he’s a massive game player. What he done was wrong. Why me? I was annoyed but I’ll get over it. I wanted to make it to the final. I thought the winner deserved that money. I would have evicted Evelyn; I found her annoying.”

Chelsea confirms he would have evicted Jayne.

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