Day 39: Helen on Danny’s Friend: “If the guy was alive or dead, I don’t care”


Helen has said something pretty cold about one of Danny’s friends, causing him to get upset.

Marc is in the living area with some of the Housemates. He is telling them what Victor whispered to him and says, “You were doing tops. Stay away from Helen. She’s bad news. In other words, I ruined it by talking to Helen.”

Helen responds by saying that she doesn’t like him, “He’s trying to shit stir.” Danny repeats that he thinks Helen’s approach is disrespectful saying, “You let yourself down.” Helen says, “You can’t tell me what to do. Your friend can f*****g die for all I care.”

Danny is visibly annoyed. Helen continues, “Telling the truth is fair. If the guy was alive or dead, I don’t care.” Danny gets up to walk away saying, “Don’t get personal and say I don’t care if you’re alive or dead.” Danny loses his temper. He swipes some of the pizza boxes onto the floor and goes to the store room to cry. Brian rushes to calm him down.

Brian is comforting Danny in the bedroom. Brian comments, “That’s been brewing in you for a while.” Big Brother calls Danny to the Diary Room. Danny’s very upset. “She said something I didn’t like and it took it out on the pizza boxes. It probably could have scared people.” Big Brother reminds Danny that he must control his behaviour. “Brian hit nail on the head. I’ve kind of been there for everyone else but I’ve never expressed anything for myself. It was over the top.”

Brian is talking to Cristian and Jack in the bedroom. Brian says, “She’s got something to prove when she came in here.” Jack says of Joel, “I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back from him.” Danny joins the boys in the bedroom and heads to bed.

Later on, Helen is in the Diary Room justifying her argument with Danny. “I’m really annoyed. Danny got on his high horse. I didn’t mean to upset Danny. The way he goes on it’s like he’s in the right all the time. This is all just through being f*****g honest. No one likes the truth in this house,” she cries.

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