Day 4: Highlights from Day 3 in the Big Brother House

Check out the highlights from Day 3 in the Big Brother House

Eileen comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that she gets on with everyone – “I’m like strawberry jam. I go in all the corners of the toast, spread around.” She reminds Big Brother that she has a third eye.

* Aaron, Joel, Chloe and Cristian are talking over breakfast. Chloe tells Aaron that she has “had to warm to you…at first I thought ‘I just don’t get this personality’ but now I’ve realised you’re really funny.” Aaron responds, “you’re just so rude” and offended, he walks off to tell the other housemates. He gets upset as he recounts the conversation to Sarah and Jade but Sarah tells him “I instantly liked you…you’re my babe.”
* Chloe comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother, “in my real world I wouldn’t ever meet someone like Aaron…that’s just not someone I bump in to.” She says he thinks she thought he was fake and thinks he should just not “worry about it, cock…he probably don’t like me and I probably don’t care.”

* Jade is in the Diary Room talking about boys. “There are a lot of men in the house who find me sexual or attractive. One for instant is Danny…I think he fancies me or feels comfortable with me. I think if I wanted something to happen, it would happen.” She also mentions Joel and Cristian but says she’s “not physically attracted” to them although they appreciate the beauty in her.
* Amy talks to the other housemates about her experiences of online trolls. Nick admits that in the past, “I have trolled Big Brother housemates.” He says he wouldn’t have trolled this year’s housemates and apologises to the previous housemates.
* Danny is pampering Sarah by painting her nails. Watching from the other side of the bedroom, Aaron asks Danny, “can I spoon with you tonight?” He adds, “Cristian – you are dumped. Danny I’ve dumped Cristian, I’m coming onto you now.” Sarah and Danny ignore the comments and carry on chatting about fake tan. When Sarah discovers that Danny fake-tans, Danny asks “is that against everything you would ever go for in a bloke?” Sarah replies, “definitely.”

* Joel makes himself comfortable on Sally’s bed and tells her, “the way I see it is – I could be gone tomorrow and we would never ever see each other again,” He suggests he share her bed tonight but Sally isn’t interested.

* Chloe asks Adjoa about her sexual exploits with women. She talks about the things she likes to do with other women.

* Sarah is talking to the other housemates about men with money. Cristian’s name comes up. She calls him over and tells him she wants him to know she was talking about him as she doesn’t want him thinking they were talking being his back. He then goes to the Diary Room and is visibly upset but doesn’t tell Big Brother what is making him cry. He says, “people don’t get me…it’s not their fault, it’s more my fault…it’s just a case of proving myself.” Big Brother reiterates that Big Brother is always there to listen if Cristian ever needs someone to talk to.

* Jack is speculating about whether there will be an eviction tomorrow. Jade admits she would “throw Sarah under the bus” if an eviction comes up.

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