Day 4: Housemates match shocking stories to each other in latest task

As part of the latest task, the housemates are split into two teams. Housemates must match shocking revelations and stories that have been stuck to Champagne bottles with the correct celebrity from the opposing team. If they get the answer correct, the chosen housemate gets gunged.

Derek recalls the time he was asked to visit the crime scene in the O.J. Simpson trial: “I went out to LA. Psychometrised the building, and described two people, centred by a very powerful man,” he says explaining how he reported the case to the detectives on the trial.

Big Brother asks for silence in the garden during the task. Jordan continues to talk to Sam. “Remain silent, it’s not that hard”, Trisha tells him. Jordan and Trisha start to bicker. Later in the day, Trisha goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about the earlier argument with Sam and Jordan: “Those boys are f**king assholes. They’re f**king immature”, she says. “I just don’t wanna be around it”. She starts to break down, before adding; “I just want a wash cloth. I can’t even scrub my butt or anything because I haven’t got a wash cloth”, she says of her Big Brother experience.

During the task, Paul tells the story from when he was fired from a role in a pantomime after a slip of the tongue at a Christmas Light switch on event; “I had a couple of glasses of wine. I went on the stage. I got a bit excited. I went ‘make some mother-f**king noise’”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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