Day 4: Jack stays in Big Brother House after timebomb twist

Big Brother has detonated his next timebomb – and this time, it was Jack that faced the challenge.

Since Tuesday night, viewers have been able to vote in a free poll on the Big Brother app to vote for their winner of Big Brother 2015. Earlier today, the Housemates were all told to pack their bags but were not told why.

Big Brother later gathered the Housemates to the sofas to reveal the twist. Jack, Harriet and Danny were told to stand up, and that they had the highest number of votes. The three of them were told to make their way to the garden while the others stayed at the sofas.

In the garden, three timebomb podiums awaited them. Big Brother instructed them to stand behind podiums with Timebombs on top. Big Brother then told the Housemates they would move forward in time. Big Brother told the Housemates that the viewers had been voting for their winner of Big Brother.

Big Brother told the Housemates to open the timebombs to reveal who the winner of the poll was. It was Jack. Jack was then called to the Diary Room. Inside the Diary Room, Jack was greeted by a screen and a massive dilemma, as the other Housemates watched on in the lounge.

Big Brother told Jack in the Diary Room that as the winner of the show, he has won a brand new car that is worth £27,000. However it would come with a cost. If he takes the car he would be evicted immediately and the £150,000 prize fund would be reduced to £0. He was given 30 seconds to make his decision.

Jack decided not to take the car and he remained in the House as a Housemate, and the £150,000 prize fund remains.

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