Day 4: Nick nominates Adjoa and Sarah for second eviction

Nick has nominated Adjoa and Sarah for eviction this week

Following the timebomb twist with Jack, another timebomb followed. Big Brother spoke to the House and told the Housemates that another Timebomb would now detonate. Big Brother told the Housemates that they would have to remain silent. Nick was then told to stand up in the living area. Nick was told that he would have to nominate face to face.

He was given thirty seconds to decide who to nominate this week. Nick has decided to nominate Adjoa because “I’ve spoken to her the least and I feel I have connected with her the least”

His second nomination was for Sarah because of the argument with the task and the money argument.

The rest of the Housemates will nominate over the weekend, and the results announced after the nominations.

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