Day 4: Saira disagrees with Bear, Heavy D and Marnie in first row

Saira has had a disagreement with Bear and Marnie in the first row of the series..

In the bathroom, Saira and Bear are talking about each other’s personalities. Saira tells him; “I find you interesting, you are a very smart capable person and I identify with you. All my life I’ve been assertive and aggressive and it’s held me back in some areas of my life.” Bear says; “Don’t regret nothing. You’ll never see me have a fight or start being aggressive or punching anyone. I’ll never start anything.”

In the kitchen, Saira announces; “Honesty is my downfall. I’m too honest. I say it as it is.” Heavy D says she must be doing something right as she has a good career. He reveals to her that he finds her ‘patronising’; “It’s how you say it! You haven’t got much tact.”

Lewis adds to Saira that it’s ‘worth being aware’ of what people think. Bear tells Saira that he thinks she is trying to make him look ‘bad’, she disagrees. Saira continues; “I’m an individual and there’s four of you staring at me, things are being taken out of context. I’m trying to get to know people in the house.”

Saira cries in the diary room; “I’m so out of my comfort zone with some of these people. I did not think Big Brother would make me crack after three days. I’m trying to get to know people and no one has gotten to know me. I really do not like Bear.”

In the bedroom, Heavy D comes to clear the air with Saira; “I haven’t got a problem with you, the conversation got carried away.” She replies ‘it’s fine’

In the bedroom, Marnie comes to speak Saira; “It was blown massively out of proportion! We are still trying to get to know each other. I get mixed signals from you, not in a bad way.” Saira replies; “But I don’t know what you think of me…” Marnie continues; “You are a lovely person and I don’t ever want to disrespect you!” Saira confirms she will not change who she is

Saira adds, “I am upset. I find when you have a bit of drink you are a different person.” Marnie replies; “I was trying to be sympathetic and you’ve just turned it around and thrown it back in my face!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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