Day 4: TWO of the others will be heading into the main house tonight

Tonight, the public will be voting for two of ‘the other’ housemates living in the Other house to move into the main house ‘undercover’.

The two chosen by the public will be on a secret mission. If they succeed in their mission they will gain full housemate status. Also on tonights show will be a fake double eviction (we’re sure it will rock the house to it’s very core).

Housemates Laura and Lateysha were previously put up for eviction on launch night, while last night saw Alex and Andy join them in facing the chop. Two more housemates will be nominated on tonights show – however nobody will actually be evicted!

Unbenknown to The Others, the two ‘evicted’ housemates – as chosen by The Others – will be moving in with those same Others who voted to get rid of them them.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.


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