Day 40: Marc gets angry after Cristian nominates Sam for eviction

Things aren’t going too well for Marc, as he gets a bit heated following Cristian’s nomination

As the The Time Warp machine sounds and all the Housemates freeze and Big Brother then announces that Cristian is to go and stand in front of the person he would like to nominate.

Cristian then goes and stands in front of Sam and says “As much of a lovely person she is I feel like she has disappointed me in the fact she doesn’t step up and voice her honest opinions. Too many people are being made to feel vulnerable and I don’t want people to feel used. She takes Marc’s side in particular and I feel she is taking sides”

Upon unfreezing Marc is visibly cross in the living room “cowardly little ba***d” Helen begs him not to go in and antagonise the situation.

Marc comes to the diary room. “They are trying to focus on my friends and it really feels I have a handful of friends and I am frightened to talk to them in case they are nominated. Two hard men going on and they won’t pick on me. They will nominate Showbiz and they know he can’t take it. How can I defend my friends when I am outnumbered?”

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