Day 40: One Housemate is secretly evicted during The Hunt

During tonight’s highlights, one Housemate is secretly evicted from the Big Brother House. The scene begins as Sue and Simone talk in the kitchen about Simone’s experience in The Hunt yesterday and Sue tells her Chanelle and Isabelle took control and Chanelle exercised her power as the alpha female to decide that Sue would face the public vote.

Chanelle talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Sue and Simone being up for nomination and blames it on them not thinking before they speak. She says “chat sh**, get nominated.”

Sue, Simone, Chanelle and Isabelle are sent to The Hunt woods. They are told that the public has been voting to evict and now one of them will disappear forever. The woods are put into darkness and when the lights return, one of the targeted housemates has been removed much to everybody’s surprise.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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