Day 40: Sue becomes seventh evictee during Big Brother eviction twist

Earlier tonight, Emma Willis entered the Big Brother House to take part in the final part of The Hunt. As Emma entered, she told the group that Isabelle was the housemate with the fewest votes meaning she’d be safe.

Chanelle and Sue were then instructed to sit on podiums, with seats behind them. The Housemates were told to individually stand behind the housemate they wanted to save.

Hannah saved CHANELLE
Charlotte saved SUE
Ellie saved CHANELLE
Deborah saved CHANELLE
Kieran saved CHANELLE
Andrew saved CHANELLE
Raph saved CHANELLE
Tom saved CHANELLE
Sam saved CHANELLE

Meaning, Sue has become the seventh to be evicted. Emma asked Sue why she was so happy to be evicted and she said “I am really happy because I wanted to get in this fabulous house and I got in, I experienced some crazy stuff but I came through on the other side and I survived and it will be a experience I will take with me everyday for the rest of my life.”

Emma asked Sue how she felt about being evicted by her housemates and why she felt it happened and she felt it was because she was different. Sue said “I’m different and if your different your going to usually be targeted if you can’t blend in quickly”.

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