Day 41: Harry nominates Simon to face Friday’s eviction

Simon is the next person to be nominated for eviction this week.

This week, the Housemates are playing nominations tag, as Housemates nominated will nominate another. The latest turn fell into the hands of Harry who decided to nominate Simon.

As the Timewarp Machine started up and the Housemates froze, Harry was instructed to stand in front of the Housemate she wished to nominate. She chose Simon. As she did her nomination, she told the Housemates that the normal reasons for nominating don’t apply to this nomination.

“The Housemate I wish to nominate is Simon because he’s very showbiz and I’m very nobiz. I don’t feel that we’ve got a lot in common but I like learning about the theatre and stuff like that, but maybe on the outside world if we crossed paths we probably wouldn’t have stayed in contact.

However, Big Brother did not feel this reason was enough and Harry was told to give a better reason. “Harry, you need to give a better explaination as to why you are nominating Simon” stated Big Brother.

“Um, because we are two completely different personalities. Simon is very flamboyant and I feel like when he’s around I shrink into the background”

Big Brother still did not accept the nomination, telling her the reasons must be frank and honest and personal to her.

“Simon likes to do all the cleaning, and I like to do the cleaning, I want to do all the cleaning. I don’t like show tunes. There is literally no one left to choose and out of the people I have left to choose I have less in common with Simon because he’s a very flamboyant character and I don’t feel very flamboyant and I don’t like it when he says showbiz”


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