Day 41: Nominations: Who Nominated Who?

Find out who nominated who on Sunday!

Last night, Housemates were shocked to find out that the Housemates with the most nominations were Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon. It was then revealed that as Marlon got the most nominations he would be evicted from the House. Here’s the breakdown of who nominated who:


Nomination 1: Ashleigh

Ash said Ashleigh never apologised when he found out that she’d been bitching about him and acted as if she didn’t even care.

Nomination 2: Danielle

Danielle is the person Ash would least like to spend time with in the House.


Nomination 1: Ash

Ashleigh said that Ash never comforts her and doesn’t seem to understand how other people might be feeling in the House.

Nomination 2: Kimberly

Ashleigh is only friends with her because of Danielle and she wouldn’t even notice if Kim left the House.


Nomination 1: Steven

Chris thinks Steven is rude because he never listens.

Nomination 2: Marlon

Chris is convinced Marlon is a good person but thinks he spends too much time in bed not speaking to anyone.


Nomination 1: Marlon

Christopher thinks that Marlon should have taken his nomination like a man and faced the public vote.

Nomination 2: Ash

Christopher feels that Ash is too easily led by Helen and doesn’t really have a voice of his own.


Nomination 1: Ash

Danielle is offended by Ash’s language and thinks he was disloyal to Marlon.

Nomination 2: Chris

Danielle doesn’t like the way that Chris always disagrees with the points she makes and doesn’t like some of his views on religion.


Nomination 1: Marlon

Helen thought Marlon was selfish when he saved himself last week and didn’t like the way he moped around the House afterwards.

Nomination 2: Ashleigh

Despite getting on well during the Task on Saturday, Helen thought Ashleigh has been nasty and spiteful.


Nomination 1: Marlon

She thought Marlon didn’t consider the other housemates when saved himself but she is disappointed that she had to make this nomination.

Nomination 2: Ashleigh

Kimberly feels that Ashleigh doesn’t respect her and thinks she has made some inappropriate comments about her relationship with Steven.


Nomination 1: Marlon

Mark lost respect for Marlon when he saved himself and thinks he is alienating himself from the group.

Nomination 2: Kimberly

Mark feels that Kimberly has developed the least since coming into the House and that by week 6 he should have a stronger emotional connection to her.


Nomination 1: Mark

Marlon doesn’t agree with Mark’s view that he is sly and a game player.

Nomination 2: Winston

Marlon thought Winston was his closest friend but feels he hasn’t given him the chance to explain his decision to save himself. Marlon feels like he can’t speak to him anymore.


Nomination 1: Marlon

Steven didn’t agree with Marlon’s decision to save himself and thinks that he needs to integrate himself back into the group.

Nomination 2: Ashleigh

Steven disliked the comments Ashleigh made about his relationship with Kimberly but thinks she won’t take this nomination personally.


Nomination 1: Marlon

Winston didn’t like the side he saw to Marlon last week and thinks he is selfish.

Nomination 2: Danielle

Winston thinks that Danielle didn’t stand up for Ashleigh when Helen was confronting her about the comments she made behind Helen’s back.

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