Day 42: Armageddon Day 3: A Mole in the House

The new Housemates are given the chance to take control of one of the regular Housemates. The new Housemates will control the Housemate of their choice via a hidden earpiece and are able to talk directly to their mole. They must use this opportunity to get the mole to ask questions of the original Housemates and to find out what they really think of their new neighbours. The Housemate with the earpiece is told that if they play along and don’t get rumbled they will win a delicious meal.

If the original Housemate with earpiece passes he/she will get to join the new Housemates for a delicious meal that they get to enjoy in front of everyone in the House OR in the new Housemates Pad.

The new Housemates are put on the spot in a game show style quiz. The three new Housemates will be sat facing a panel of the original Housemates. Original Housemates are asked questions such as “Who is the bitchest Housemate? / Who is the funniest Housemate? / Who is the most boring Housemate?” All Housemates must agree. The answer will then be revealed with a pre-recorded VT.

We then ask,”Does new Housemate X still think that X is the most bitchy since living in the House?” – the new HM must lock in an answer on their dry erase board and then Housemates must unanimously decide if they have or have not changed their opnion. We reveal both and get the new Housemates to explain their reason for staying the same or why they changed their opinion.

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