Day 42: Housemates told about Brexit and Theresa May in latest task

Housemates have been told some big news stories about the outside world.

On tonight’s show, Big Brother gathers housemates on he sofas for the task. Andy has become a news reporter, he will be reporting on news headlines about the housemates, and on news from the outside world

As part of the task, Andy interviews Jackson. Jackson agrees he is an ‘emotional’ person and that his ‘tears are not doing good for his street cred’

Next, Andy breaks news from the outside world. Housemates are asked if they think the following headlines – ‘Britain voted to leave the EU’, ‘Mick Jagger is to become a father’ and ‘the UK has a new Prime Minister’ – are fact or fiction. The housemates’ reactions are mixed

The housemates are shown a clip of Lateysha when she appeared on Bit On the Side. Lateysha asserts that Jason is the biggest game player in the house

Big Brother asks Andy to read out quotes of when some of the housemates were talking about each other. A quote from Hughie about Jason is read out: “He’s horrible, he brings nothing to the house, not fun and boring.” A quote from Jason about Laura is read out: “She doesn’t do anything, she gets her tits out.” A quote from Laura is read out about Alex: “Me and Al are friends, but he’s definitely one I think why should I keep saving him when he doesn’t care less about me.”

After passing the task, the Housemates win face paint.

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