Day 43: Evelyn and Laura confess they DON’T want Jackson to win

Evelyn and Laura have confessed that they don’t want Jackson to win.

With the final just a week away, the Housemates thoughts are now turning to who could potentially win the title of Big Brother winner and the £70,000 prize.

Yesterday, the Housemates nominated for the final time. After the announcement of the nominations, Andy declared to the House that they were all semi-finalists and the group erupted into cheers.

Since then Evelyn and Laura have been discussing who they want to see win the series.   During tonight’s highlights, in the bedroom, Laura believes Hughie or Andy deserve to win Big Brother. Evelyn and Laura state they would be disappointed if Jackson were to win.

The duo believed that Jackson saw the duo as a thread because of their close friendship, with Laura commenting “I think he knows we’ve sussed him out…bring it on!”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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