Day 43: Nominations are final, as public vote opens tonight

Channel 5 have confirmed that the nominations are final and that the public vote opens tonight.

Channel 5 have issued a press statement confirming that Cristian, Danny, Harry, Jack, Joel, Nick, Sam and Simon will all face eviction from the House with no changes to the nomination line-up.

The following reasons were given for each nomination:

JADE nominated CRISTIAN because “the way you’ve been has come across fake to me.”
CRISTIAN nominated SAM because “she’s taking sides and she needs to open her eyes more.”
SAM nominated HARRY because “she’s the only person who’s made me feel small.”
HARRY nominated SIMON because “I don’t like it when he says ‘showbiz’.”
SIMON nominated JACK because “I was ill last week and he asked me to help with the cleaning.”
JACK nominated JOEL because “when the new housemates came in, he jumped on the bandwagon.”
JOEL nominated DANNY because “Danny can be quite indecisive and as a house I don’t think that is beneficial… I prefer to know where people stand.”
DANNY nominates NICK because “as a mate you should listen to my advice. Your relationship with Harry has got serious too quick.”

Voting lines open during tonight’s Big Brother (Tuesday 23 June) and will close during the LIVE 9.00pm Channel 5 programme on Friday 28 June, during which time, the ninth evictee will be greeted by their friends, family and, of course, Emma for their first post-Big Brother TV interview.

Big Brother continues at 10pm tonight.

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