Day 44: BREAKING: Brian Belo leaves the Big Brother House

Big Brother Legend, Brian Belo has left the Big Brother House.

Today, Channel 5 issued a statement confirming that Big Brother 8 winner, Brian Belo, has left the Big Brother House and will not be returning. A reason hasn’t officially been given by Channel 5 yet, but it is thought to be the outcome of a heated row with fellow Housemate, Helen Wood.

Brian originally asked to leave the House last week after he had an argument with Helen and Marc over nominations, but was eventually allowed to remain in the House and sleep in the bunker for the evening to calm down.

The argument begins as Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofa to play a game of “Who’s most likely to…” Jack reads a card saying, “The Housemate most likely to put themselves before others is … Nikki”. Helen and Marc stand in agreement. Nikki says sarcastically, “That’s a surprise.”

Helen reasons, “In tasks she can be a bit useless and selfish.” Marc says, “This week I think you and Brian are only here for the money.” Danny says, “I think all three of them are here for the money.” Helen says, “That’s so unfair. I really do want to be here. I’m a genuine person.”

Brian says to Helen, “When I’m in your company, around the pair of you, my energy gets so subtracted. I cannot be myself around you. You tag team people. You work in cahoots.” Helen says, “Everyone in this house knows where they stand with me.” Brian starts to respond but Helen says, “You’re gonna lose it again aren’t you. Look at the aggression in your face.” The Housemates try to calm the situation. Marc says, “Let’s forget about it and get back to the game.”

The game continues. Nick says, “The Housemate most likely to marry for money is… Helen.” Everyone cheers. Brian, Jack and Nikki stand up. Nikki says, “After hearing the comments last night, the first thing that was on Helen’s mind was that I was trying to get a headline. Her thought process is just to get headlines.”

Brian says, “This woman has no principles, morals or self- respect so that’s why I think she’d marry for money.” Helen says, “Straight jackets in the store room. Psycho.” An argument ensues and the housemates try to calm Brian down. Helen repeatedly says, “It’s a game. Brian, keep playing into my hands.” Helen continues to shout insults at Brian.

In the Diary Room, Brian says, “I feel like I’m being ganged up on. I don’t want to cry. I’ve tried to keep away from there. I shouldn’t have come back here. This is really hard. I feel like I’m living in hell. I’m defeated. I’m getting a barrage of abuse.”

The Housemates leave the garden. Brian is alone in the sky room looking over the top to the outside world. Nick goes up as Brian is climbing over the top. Nick tries to stop him but Brian is already gone. The other housemates run up. Helen says, “It’s attention!”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.


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