Day 44: TASK: Helen’s Puppet Therapy

Big Brother is giving some of the housemates the chance to take part in a puppet therapy session. This is an opportunity for housemates to talk openly through a puppet about what they really think and feel. As Helen is immune, she will be the therapist.

Helen will become Big Brother’s therapist. She will run a therapy session using hand puppets for some of her fellow Housemates.

In pairs, Housemates will be called into Helen’s therapy session. The couples are:

• Biannca and Danielle

• Mark and Christopher

Helen must encourage each couple to get to the bottom of their issues/relationships with the aid of hand puppets. Helen must lead therapy sessions with the couples and encourage them to use the puppets in order to communicate openly and potentially resolve any of the issues each couple has.

If Housemates take part to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they will win a reward for all.

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