Day 45: One housemate steals prize money and is told to evict a Housemate

Yesterday, Big Brother announced that it was the end of The Steal task, and that there would be one final challenge for the housemates to face. The gold team were called to the task room in order to take part in this challenge.

Standing behind the buzzers, Big Brother revealed that the housemates had won £18,900 over the course of the last two days. “Big Brother is offering each one of you the chance to win the £18,900 accumulated by both teams for yourself”

“To claim the cash, you simply need to press the buzzer after you hear the beep” explained Big Brother. “The first Housemate to buzz in will claim all the money for themselves. However housemates, this prize comes at a cost. To steal the £18,900, you must evict another Housemate”.

“If Housemates choose not to steal the money, the £20,000 will be lost forever. Housemates, prepare for the steal”. After a countdown, ANDREW was the first Housemate to buzz in and therefore wins the money.

Andrew’s decision on who he has decided to evict will be revealed in tonight’s show at the later time of 10:30pm.

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