Day 46: Aisleyne and Nikki discuss life in the House and Helen

Aisleyne and Nikki have been discussing life inside the Big Brother House, and Helen.

During tonight’s highlights, Aisleyne and Nikki discuss life in the House and about returning to the place that made them famous. We see Nikki, Aisleyne and Nick are in the sky room. Aisleyne says, “When you come in the house, it just feels like this is home.”

Nikki says, “That’s the thing, I’ve been made to feel so unwelcome here in a place that I truly love. Why is Helen staring?” Aisleyne responds, “Because when you see your idol, you stare. If we saw Beyonce, we’d stare. If I say Rhianna, I’d stare. Or it’s an intimidation thing.” Aisleyne comments, “Danny and Marc are both really fit.”

Nikki says, “They’re both fighting over you.”

Later on, the duo discuss Helen. Aisleyne says, “Don’t you feel like everyone’s scared of her?” Aisleyne asks Nikki who her favourite is. Nikki answers Nick.

Aisleyne comments, “Harry. I don’t trust her. She’s so far up Satan’s arse.” Nikki says, “That idiot thinks she’s queen bee because she won last year. She’s detested by the nation.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the next live eviction.

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