Day 46: Jayne and Hughie set secret mission by Big Brother

Jayne and Hughie have been set a secret mission by Big Brother.

Jayne and Hughie are called separately to the diary room and given a secret mission to complete, they are unaware that they will both be on a secret mission. Big Brother tells the duo that in order to win their secret mission, they must have full-blown meltdowns and absolutely loose it without getting detected. If they pass, the house will be rewarded

In the smoking area, Jayne begins her secret mission and starts to have a meltdown about cleaning and being taken for granted in the house; “I’ve had enough! I’m sick of cleaning!” Some of the housemates look bemused. In the bedroom, Jason and Evelyn try to comfort Jayne.

Hughie is next to start his secret mission. To the housemates’ dismay, he throws toiletries onto the bathroom floor. Hughie shouts at Jayne about her going on about cleaning, he then pours a bottle of soda over the kitchen surfaces.

In the smoking area, Jayne and Hughie reveal to their housemates that they were both performing for a secret mission and that the house will be rewarded.

In the diary room, Andy tells Big Brother that Jayne and Hughie did ‘fool him’; “Hughie’s had blow-outs before and Jayne has had meltdowns before…I wish Hughie hadn’t thrown my toothbrush on the floor!”. Housemates are rewarded with ice cream

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