Day 46: TASK: Bruvstock

Big Brother is putting on its own music festival, Bruvstock, with the Housemates becoming the headline acts.

In the Garden, Big Brother will set up a stage area as well as multiple festival themed dressings such as flags, bunting and a mud pool.

The Housemates will be divided into two different bands, chosen by themselves, which will compete against each other. Each band will take a turn at being the headline act at Big Brother’s festival.

The bands will be given time to rehearse their allocated song in different areas of the House. The bands must then perform this song in front of the rest of their Housemates. Bands must dedicate themselves to giving an entertaining, amusing and enjoyable performance for the rest of their Housemates.

Whichever band puts on a better performance will win access to the VIP aftershow party. This band will also choose two Housemates from the opposing team to become their ‘groupies’. These groupies will also be invited to the VIP aftershow party.

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