Day 47: Ashleigh forms alliance with Chris, duo to nominate

Ashleigh has formed a power alliance with Chris 

Earlier, it was revealed that Ashleigh was the new power Housemate and that the power had returned to the house, and was more powerful than ever.

Ashleigh has chosen Chris to join her as a power Housemate, to create the power alliance.

“They called me to the Diary Room and basically told me, ‘The public have chosen you this week as this week’s Power Housemate, So yeah, I’m the leader of the first Power Alliance.” said Ashleigh.

“We have to decide the first person up for nomination, and I have to go back and tell Big Brother later.”

The pair will later decide on the first Housemate to nominate for eviction. They will then decide on a third Housemate to join the power alliance and will nominate a third Housemate.


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