Day 47: Bit on the Side to come live from the House

Big Brother’s Bit on the Side is to come live from the House.

Rylan Clark-Neal has confirmed that Big Brother’s Bit on the Side will be coming live from the Big Brother House on Monday night. The spin-off will take over the living area for one night only, ahead of Tuesday’s final.

In true BOTS style, Rylan will be joined by a panel to discuss the goings on in the House, while the remaining Housemates will take part in select sections of the show. Bit on the Side has previously come live from the House before.

In 2011, during the first civilian series on Channel 5, Emma Willis took over the garden of the House and presented the first ever BOTS from the House. The series then returned in 2012. The special edition of the spin-off then took a break during 2013 and 2014 but returned in 2015 for Timebomb.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm, while Big Brother’s Bit on the Side will continue with the live special on Monday night.

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