Day 48: Aisleyne to Danny: “You told Jack all I am is banter”


Danny and Aisleyne get closer during tonight’s show, but things don’t go as well as planned..

Danny and Aisleyne are eating lunch and she says to him “I hope you win this, you or Chloe. If you win will you take me out for a drink?” He laughs and says “Of course! But if I don’t, no.”

Nick and Aisleyne are in the garden and he asks her if she likes Danny, and that he thinks Danny has a soft spot for her. Aisleyne remarks that she doesn’t think he has and she likes him because he sticks up for everyone and that’s the most attractive thing. Jack goes on to tell Aisleyne that Danny has told him it is just banter and just fun to which she laughs. Nick asks her if she would see him on the outside and she smiles.

Jack then feels he has dropped Danny in it so asks to speak to him in the bathroom, “Do you like Aisleyne or not”? Danny asks why. Jack goes on to admit that he had told Aisleyne it was just a bit of banter. Danny laughs and then goes with Jack and Nick to talk to her. Aisleyne smiles and tells Danny, “You told Jack all I am is banter.” Danny laughs. Jack asks Danny if he will buy her a Dominoes as that is the most important thing. Danny replies, “No as she doesn’t like pizza she likes chicken.” Jack asks him if he is attracted to her and he replies “Yes she is hot.”

Aisleyne and Danny are chatting in the storeroom and he denies calling her ‘Just banter’ and that he likes her they make up and share a quick kiss

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