Day 48: Ash saved from eviction and replaced with Ashleigh

Nominations have been revealed, but Big Brother has pulled out the final nominations twist this week
“Housemates, the power is back. Steven, Ash, Pav all face Friday’s eviction and one more of you will join them now. The next Housemate to face this week’s eviction is Zoe” All of the Housemates were shocked at the announcement, and it was obviously not what they wanted to hear.

“Zoe you must now join the nominated Housemates, but that’s not all. Earlier this week a secret Power Alliance was created in the House formed of three Housemates. These three Housemates alone decided who would face eviction this week.

“Housemates it’s now time to feel the full force of the power. Would the first power alliance member stand up”

“Ashleigh, Chris and Mark you have had the power but that power will come at a cost. Nominated Housemates one of you is about to escape eviction. You have two decisions to make – you must choose which one will escape eviction, and which member of the power alliance will face eviction on Friday”

Housemates decided to replace Ash with Ashleigh in facing eviction on Friday, meaning that the Housemates nominated for eviction this week are  – Ashleigh, Steven, Pav and Zoe.



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  1. Tamar Craker says

    Have just complained to Ofcom. BB promised publicly that Ashleigh would be immune from eviction nomination this week!

  2. John F Bremner says

    What a waste voting – after voting for Ashleigh to have “The Power” it’s all wasted to find she is up for Nomo’s …. what’s the beef Omar shareef??

  3. GMC says

    Have complained too …. doubt it will do any good – producers seem adamant they are going to keep Helen and her ‘Gang’ safe and throw all else, but especially Ashleigh, to the wolves … probably to make money from us all voting her in as protest again … it really feels like fraud this time round! I would like to know if BBUK/Ch5 actually make money from our votes to save/evict? If so the manner they have manipulated this particular series seems very dubious behavior.

  4. alli says

    Whilst I fully understand the concept of BB being not a lot more than a psychological experiment, I think it is appalling how you condone and seem to openly support aggression and bullying. Is this the lengths you will go to to ensure you have viewers? Not sure how you can sleep with a clear conscience. Giving the venom Helen has spat at Ashleigh you now give her more ammunition. You didn’t do that when Chris had the power,probably knowing the feelings of venom would be less strong. Shame on you BB. Condoning bullying yet gain. As for Ash being saved, well that plays unto your hands too with Kim being out. I assume you are gagging for him and Helen to do the deeds under the covers, more ratings again you think. Not me, anymore, I have standards and morals.

  5. carol griffiths says

    You released statements saying power alliance members were immune from eviction this weekthen because they nominated ash…you change the rules to suit Helen?
    well,if you can change that decision…do what the viewers want and remove Helens immunity and make her available to be nominated for eviction.

  6. carol says

    I think it was a good twist im glad Ashleigh is put up because if she’s saved she might start to think fairly instead of gunning for Helen and anyone who bothers with Helen nobody really does anything wrong to Ashleigh she just gets really wound up that ppl in the house prefer Helen company over her she is very spoilt and spits dummy out when things don’t go her way nasty girl

  7. bobbie says

    Brilliant. Its a game show its to have twists and shocking moments

  8. KQ says

    Reading others responses here states what I was about to say myself.

    If BB can change the rules to suit themselves (EG: removing Ashleigh`s immunity) then BB can of course remove Helen`s free pass – fairs fair.

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