Day 48: Marc and Aisleyne make up following court row

Marc and Aisleyne have made up following their argument about Aisleyne’s appearance on Judge Rinder

On tonight’s show, Marc is in the Diary Room, “I don’t think I did anything wrong I think Danny acted out as usual as he always does, his friends won’t tell him he was in the wrong, I am not arguing against one person. I am arguing against six.”

Later, Marc and Aisleyne are in the garden making up after the argument last night. Aisleyne explains it was because of her mum. Marc says it’s ok and goes on to dismiss the argument with Danny. Aisleyne comments “I think Danny is very protective.” Marc disagreed and remarked “I don’t always think sincerely, but I think he is a good guy as well”

Further on in the show, Aisleyne is talking to Marc and Sam about men “Men just use me all the time, men just see me as meat.” Aisleyne then begins to cry and Marc encourages her to go and see Big Brother, Danny sees and is surprised and asks if she is serious.

Aisleyne is upset in the Diary Room and wants to go home as she is worried she has made a fool of herself. Aisleyne goes on to admit she likes Danny but as per usual all men think she is a bit of fun.

Aisleyne comes out of the Diary Room and hugs Marc. Danny comments “Oh she has moved on quickly!” Aisleyne confides in Marc that men just see her as an object but that she does like Danny.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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