Day 5: Celebrity Big Brother creates social storm online

Celebrity Big Brother has hit the top of the social stats, creating an online storm.

In a report released by Kantar Media, Celebrity Big Brother topped the leaderboard on Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings.

Thursday’s launch show gathered 44,000 tweets and 26.9 million impressions, while 29% of all TV related Twitter activity in the UK came from tweets about Celebrity Big Brother. Last week alone, 105k tweets were sent out about Celebrity Big Brother. This was up 3.5% on January’s launch.

Celebrity Big Brother also gathered the highest point of activity for any TV broadcast in August.

In the following days, Friday saw 6,000 tweets overall with 4.2 Million impressions and finally 4,600 tweets on Sunday and 2.7 Million impressions.

Saturday’s highlights show followed just below at number 6 on the leaderboard, beaten by Unforgotten and Newsnight. Meanwhile, before the launch of the series, Wednesday saw the biggest engagement rate with 4,000 tweets posted about the series, peaking with the reveal of the house.

The official hashtag, #CBB, contributed to eight of the top ten most used hashtags on Thursday.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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