Day 5: TASK: Audience Approval

Housemates compete against each other in different categories; most weird, most amazing and most disgusting. The other Housemates are watching as an audience, using live feedback voting pads to indicate which pair of Housemates they prefer.

The hits see Housemates called to a ‘set’ in the large task room. The set has been divided in half (red and blue), with a divide between the two and an identical set of props on both sides of the room. At one end of the set is a large screen.

The Housemates competing in the booths need to be better than the other person in a variety of categories. For example, they need to ‘be the most disgusting’.

The other Housemates are seated in the living areas with voting pads. They are watching them perform, and live voting on what they see, pressing the red button if the Housemates in the red half are being more disgusting, or the blue button if they find the blue housemates more disgusting.

A computer converts the Housemates’ votes into a live graph that is constantly changing depending on how the voting housemates are reacting to what they see. At the end of the allotted time limit the housemate whose graph is higher will be crowned the winner.


For the first hit Big Brother announces two Housemates have 90 seconds to compete against each other to be the weirdest. They have no props so will need to rely on their creativity as well as their ‘weirdness’.

In the second hit two Housemates will compete against each other to be the most amazing. Again they have no props, and they now have 90 seconds to prove how amazing they are.

The third and final hit is a 2 vs 2 battle. Here, the Housemates will compete against each other to be the most disgusting. The room has a table that is filled with jugs of fake blood, a cow tongue and blood capsules.

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