Day 5: TASK: UFO Day 2

2122Today, after a day of testing the celebrities in the UFO, the aliens now need to collect celebrity samples from the house. They will implant these housemates with telepathic devices (earpieces) and send them into the house to collect vital data. Whilst they are distracted two celebrities must sneak into the UFO and take down the alien main frame.

Alien Implantation
The aliens want a number of celebrity possessions from the main house. In order to take these possessions without being noticed they will send Jim and Luisa back in the house. However before they re-enter the house they will implant them with an alien device (ear piece) which allows them to be controlled from the UFO. Meanwhile the other three housemates are being held captive inside the UFO.

The Final Battle
Whilst Jim and Luisa are in the house Big Brother detects that the aliens are secretly controlling the abducted housemates, and also intercept information of their evil plan. In the diary room Big Brother will tell Dappy that the aliens are in fact planning an
invasion, and have no intention of giving the Housemates any shopping. Big Brother explains that the rest of the house must keep the alien abducted housemates distracted, while Dappy and a housemate of his choice sneak into the UFO to take down the mainframe.

Alien Timer

When the housemates enter the UFO they will inadvertently set off a security system. This activates a timer on the wall, which gradually countdowns. The housemates must destroy the main frame before the timer runs out.

Destroying The Alien Eggs
Once the two housemates have ‘snuck’ inside the UFO they will find the ceiling of the craft covered in alien egg pods. These pods will be filled with foul smelling lumpy gunge, the housemates must use tools they can find inside the UFO to smash the eggs above their heads. Smashing the eggs will release the disgusting gunge. Once the eggs are destroyed the alien main frame will be activated.

Shut Down The Mainframe

To shut down the UFO’s mainframe computer the housemates must crack the aliens security password. As the aliens have been observing the housemates for some time, they seem to have set their security questions based on facts about the housemates, with all the answers being numbers. Dappy and his partner must correctly answer three questions by physical playing the number buttons onto the computer.

The other abducted housemates are still tied to the experiment tables and will receive shocks each time an incorrect answer is input into the computer.

If code is cracked in time the alien mainframe will be destroyed and the housemates will win this weeks luxury shopping budget.

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